Choosing the Appropriate Equipment for Your Sandblasting Projects

If you are considering buying or renting sandblasting equipment for your next big project, there are actually several types in which to choose from. Each one having its own set of distinctive operational instructions suited for specific job applications. This article was designed to outline the different pieces of sandblasting equipment that are available at , hopefully it makes the decision making process easier for you.

Siphon: This is a piece of sandblasting equipment that’s highly sought after, because of how easy and inexpensive it is. Consisting of an air gun, a siphon has two types of hoses in which to choose from – One which blows the air out that is delivered to it through the compressor, whereas the other is used for sucking in any abrasive material. Creating a vacuum which combines them both then blows it out through the nozzle. A sandblasting professional in Houston keeps this kind of equipment in stock.

Pressure Pot: This piece of equipment is seen as highly professional because of the large amount sandblasting pressure behind it, making the pressure pot very efficient. Many industrial sites and places of employment utilize this piece of equipment for their long term sandblasting projects. Equipped with a pressure tank that takes the air and combines it with the abrasive matter, before shooting it out. You’ll find that most reliable sandblasting companies in Houston keep this piece of equipment on hand.

Power Washer: This kind of equipment is utilized when wet sandblasting is a requirement. It is basically a piece of equipment that has a pressure washer which adds an abrasive into the water and then blows it out of the nozzle. Helping to clean various surfaces better than most other methods, which is why they are used for taking graffiti from building structures and such. As a matter of fact, it is in such high demand that Many sandblasting equipment stores have them on their shelves.

However, a lot of sandblasting equipment tends to have issues with the abrasive flow, especially those which are low priced. Just like that saying of old, you get what you pay for, and even more so when it comes to sandblasters. Especially since the siphon and pressure pot tend to experience frequent clogging problems along with other issues as well. That being said, find a sandblasting expert Houston establishment who carries top of the line equipment.

By choosing high quality sandblasting equipment for your next big project and making sure to keep it well maintained, along with cleaning it regularly, this will be the best investment in which you could make. If you should run into a flow problem such as those listed above, there are many ways that you can easily solve the issue and get back to sandblasting. But let’s save that for another day.

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