Helpful Tips to Avoid Moving Company Frauds

People move due to a number of reasons among them work, marriage, education or personal interests. If you have ever relocated, you probably understand the hassle involved when moving. First of all, moving can be very stressful because it has a chain of activities which should be properly handled to avoid future problems. You will have to make sure that disconnection of your utilities is arranged before you move, ensure everything is packed properly, say bye to friends and neighbours, find a reliable moving company, load your items to a moving truck, unload your belongings upon arrival, unpack and rearrange your items in your home. All these activities are not only draining physically and emotionally but also economically. For your relocation to be successful, you will have to look for a good mover in San Diego to help you throughout the moving process.

Finding a San Diego Mover whom you can rely on is quite hard. You will have to be very resourceful and committed to hiring the right moving company. A lot of people have ended up being scammed or exploited after hiring scam movers. In worse scenarios, some people have ended up losing all their household items after they are scammed and all their items were stolen. You should understand that it is not easy to claim compensation from an unlicensed moving company after your items are either stolen or damaged in transit. You can use these tips to find a good moving company and avoid any fraud during or after your moving process.

Check references and credentials

You need to get as much information about the moving company as possible. You can do this by inquiring from your friends, family members, researching on the internet or even contacting the moving company with questions about their moving services. If a company has any complaints from previous customers, you should not go ahead and hire it because you may end up being a victim too.

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Check their licensing and insurance

This is very important because it assures you that you are dealing with a legitimate company and in case of any damages or losses, you will be compensated. How do you expect to be compensated when a company does not have a valid insurance cover nor is it licensed? Do not assume that all movers have these documents, ask them and verify that the documents are valid because not all movers in San Diego are licensed or insured.

Get quotations from several moving companies

When you get estimates from more than 3 companies, it becomes easy for you to determine the market rate. Sometimes you may not be able to tell whether you are being exploited or not but with several quotes that are well explained, you can be able to determine which company is offering a friendly quote. The total moving cost may be determined by a number of factors. Make sure you have researched well and asked all the questions you feel like to get a clear understanding of the quote given.

Finally, after considering these factors and settling on a given moving company, sign a written contract for future use in case of a dispute. Ensure you have read and understood all the terms and conditions of the contract before signing it. If you have any problems understanding the contract, you can seek professional help from a lawyer to avoid signing a document you don’t understand. Some of the things that should be included in the contract include the total cost of moving, the preferred method of payment, expected date of arrival among other details.

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