How To Hire Expert Moving Companies

You may have heard some horror stories about the ways some moving companies treat their customers. Even Congress has been approached to ensure that less reputable moving companies stop abusive practices that are detrimental to their customers.

Fortunately, you can take steps to make sure you are treated well when moving to Carlsbad CA. Use the following tips to stop any unscrupulous moving company from taking advantage of you or damaging your belongs.

Research A Number Of Movers

Packing up and transporting your belongings is a very important job. Make sure to choose the right company for this critical task by taking the time to research among several options before signing a contract with the best moving company for you. Check with the Better Business Bureau in your area for any negative reports, and ask each company you interview to provide you with several references you can contact to get an honest review of their services.

Clarify Rates

When you engage a moving company, you are entering into a contract. Be absolutely sure you understand all the terms of the contract, so you are not taken by surprise at any time during the process. At a minimum, get a quote for the rate you will be charged and have the company explain and put in writing anything that would result in additional charges. In particular, pay attention to issues that will increase your costs, including heavy items and articles that you feel require extra care to move.

Additional Charges

Familiarize yourself with what constitutes these additional charges. Often you need to pay for the boxes and packing materials that the movers use to sort, manage, and protect your property. Ask for a running total for these items.

Options To Minimize Cost

Check to see if your mover will cut some charges if you pre-pack items. Sometimes containers can be delivered in advance of the move and you can save some money by sorting through and packing some or all of your possessions yourself.

Who Pays For Damage?

Again, get in writing the moving company’s policy on liability for any damage done to your property while in their care or during the pack up and move in phases of the job. Discuss insurance options and consider taken before and after pictures to use as evidence if a problem arises.

Tracking Procedures

You are going to want to be able to be sure what was packed up in your previous home makes its way to your new one. Talk to the movers about how they inventory and track your possessions.


Make certain that you are comfortable with the timeframe the mover proposes to take your possessions from here to there. Make arrangements for proper supervision of and access for the movers at both the old and new addresses.