Mom who needed a sewer repair in los angeles

So I am a single mom who is raising four teenagers under one roof. I have 3 boys and the youngest a girl. There great kids. Very popular in the neighborhood and in school. So when I say I have four teenagers its more like forty. My house is used for sleeping, eating and ….. yes that to.

So when the main bathroom sprung a leak and was spewing water everywhere. I threw myself into disaster mood and I think Los Angeles Plumbing. I know that they have over 20 years experience. So I call them and say “I am in desperate need for a Los Angeles sewer repair pronto, I mean PRONTO.”
The kids were all screaming at each other playing the blame gain. My youngest screaming crying because she has her first dance (date) in five hours. The boys are having a B.B.Q in 4 hours. I am looking forward to mingle with some moms. Why now?
The half bathroom we have in the kitchen is literally a half bathroom. I did mention my three boys are all on the local football team. They are Giants, huge, very big boys with very big friends.So I gave my youngest rights to the kitchen bathroom. Sent all the boys in the backyard with supplies to get it ready for the teams b.b.q.
LA Sewer Repair Company was here before we knew it. Jay the plumber cracked some rival team jokes to the boys then went up to the master bathroom and started doing his thing. As for me I made some tea started cleaning the kitchen, as the boys were cleaning up the yard, Suzie cleaned up her tom boy look.
Before I knew it the plumber came down told me that it was a very fixable problem. He can have it repaired before the boys friends start showing up. We agreed on a very reasonable price but when we were in the kitchen Jay took notice to my refrigerator . Its been giving me trouble, He noticed when I opened it and asked him if he would like a drink.That the fridge leaked too. He estimated that too.
As promised the sewer repair man had everything fixed and cleaned by 5:00 P.M. Talk about awesome service Gonzalo saved our first Saturday night of Spring 2013. He fixed our drain cleaning problem in bathroom. With a brand new toilet seat and had my refrigerator leak free. This all happened with in my financial means.
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