Some Parts of House are not Heating in a Proper Manner In Katy TX

Some Parts of House are not Heating in a Proper Manner

Homeowners have noticed in some parts of their house that its still chilly even thermostat is still on.

If you have noticed that your home is not being uniformly heated throughout as it used to be, you could have a dirty air filter problem or the problem could be with the ductwork or could be the heating system’s fan motor or bearings, or belts.

The problem could be solved by replacing your air filter as air filter purify the air before it is circulated in the entire home but if you have found that there are problems with your ductwork from where the air is escaping or system, you should contact an Expert Air Conditioning Repair Katy TX

Controls Of Thermostat Are Not Working

Homeowners also face problem sometimes by not able to set the temperature or controlling the unit as they face a problem with controls, there could be a problem with your thermostat.

Try to troubleshoot the issue by calling the customer care of the unit or if you have a digital thermostat, try replacing the batteries. If none of those solutions work when troubleshooting then you can again try resetting it to the manufacturer’s settings as this process can override the unknown settings which may have been done without your knowledge.

If you still face the problem after resetting it to factory setting then you need to check if there is a tripped circuit & that could be causing the issue.

If you still face the problem then call Experienced Katy HAVC Experts to check the unit as they will be able to recognize the problem sooner & fix it.