Things To Consider When Renting A Dumpster

People all over the world choose to use a dumpster rental service, which provide roll-off containers to assist with the disposal of waste both civil and commercial in nature. Renting a portable dumpster is considered to be a more cost effective form of waste management in terms of dealing with large amounts of garbage that can be created over a short period of time, such as during any kind of construction project.

The process of renting a dumpster is extremely easy; however, there are a few different things that you should consider prior to doing this.

Permits That are Required

There are some local authorities who mandate that individuals who wish to rent a dumpster and place it on their property first obtain a permit prior to doing so. This generally applies if the dumpster will be placed either on or near a street; however, it is important to always check with your local building permit office regarding what the requirements are in your case. If you fail to obtain a permit, you will run the risk of having to pay heavy fines as a result.

Sizes Required

Many roll-off dumpsters, such as those provided by, are measured by how many cubic yards worth of waste they can actually store inside them. Normally, you can find models that can measure anywhere from 10-40 yards, which are heavily restricted by both the amount of weight and physical debris that they can contain. It’s also important to keep in mind that these dumpsters should only be filled to their halfway points, as if they are filled any further, transporting them will be extremely difficult. Additionally, always rent a dumpster that is one size larger than you feel you will actually need. If you underestimate your actual requirements, you will end up having to rent a second dumpster, which can be very expensive.

Easy Access

Many dumpster rental Michigan companies use frames that are standard sizes in order to allow different containers to be easily moved. This means that the larger the capacity, the deeper a dumpster will eventually grow. However, this can also be an issue for individuals who rent larger-sized dumpsters, yet need to place heavier materials inside of them. If this is something that you’re experiencing, always make the request for an ease of access with your model, and the company that your renting from will make all of the necessary adjustments.

Duration of Rental

Companies who rent dumpsters will often charge a daily fee and/or a basic cost for their services; however, costs can typically be lowered by only renting units for a certain time frame. On the other hand, this can often become difficult for those who have taken on projects that run over an allotted time. There are some rental companies who also offer long-term discounts as well, which is something that you should always check into when renting a dumpster.

Restricted Types of Waste

There are many dumpster rental companies that only permit solid waste in their containers, meaning that items such as the following are not suitable to be disposed of:






Prior to renting a dumpster, always speak with a representative regarding their waste policies and determine what can and cannot be disposed of in their units.